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Steven E. Counsell, Artist/Author

Steven E. Counsell, Artist/Author

Steve Counsell is a narrative visionary artist and poet.  He believes art must alter perceptions through myth, symbol, and archetype.  With a Renaissance, even Flemish technique, in each of Mr. Counsell's art works, he thinks that a high level of technical skill is the very bedrock each observer deserves.  Steven says, "It's far more interesting to be technically traditional and put your daring in the ideas or the depth of your feelings, or in the boundlessness of metaphor itself.  Art must be transformational or it is merely interior decoration."

Steve feels the same about poetry.  The classic definition of poetry really cannot be bettered; music, compression and meaning.  The balance of these determine the caliber of the poetics.  Steve’s training in landscape photography and environmentalism honed the eye to seek intense visual phenomena, to image and condense.  There really isn’t a significant difference between music, poetry and art.To enhance one’s sense of aliveness, change breath and deepen life.

Awarded,Visionary, Art Book cover


Steve owned and operated the AMNIOTE GALLERY in Anchorage Alaska where he displayed his art and other Alaskan artists.  Through this contemporary gallery he also sponsored “Thursday’s Circle” poetry readings and assisted with publication of several books by the same title.  While in Alaska he worked as graphic artist for the Calista Native American Corporation and enjoyed doing landscape photography work.  In 1988 he moved the gallery to Santa Fe NM.  Currently Steve reads his poetry at different events in Santa Fe and sells art through his studio at his Black Swan Art Studio website.

In 2012 Steve published his first visionary art book titled ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination with Black Swan Editions of Santa Fe.  This award winning art book is available for purchase by clicking on Book Cover Photo to left.

Portrait of Janet Eigner

Janet Eigner, Author

Janet Eigner, Author


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Portrait of Jane Lipman on Plaza

Jane Lipman, Author

Jane Lipman, Author

Jane Lipman’s first full-length poetry collection, "On the Back Porch of the Moon", Black Swan Editions, 2012, won the 2013 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award and a 2013 NM Press Women’s Award. Her chapbooks, "The Rapture of Tulips" and "White Crow’s Secret Life", Pudding House Publications, 2009, were finalists for NM Book Awards in Poetry in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Her poem “Unsung” won Second Prize in a national poetry contest, Honoring Cole Porter, 2015. She was First Runner Up in the Lummox Poetry Contest, 2016.

During the ‘80s she founded and directed Taos Institute, which sponsored performances and workshops by Robert Bly, Joseph Campbell, Gioia Timpanelli, Paul Winter, and others.  She gave Comedy Therapy and Enneagram workshops in NM––also in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia.
Until Covid sequestering, she gave Mystical Poetry and Writing workshops three times a year in Santa Fe.  She has lived in northern New Mexico since 1970.


portrait of Linda Whittenberg

Linda Whittenberg, Author

Linda Whittenberg, Author


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Hope Reed, Director Black Swan Editions, Santa Fe NM

Hope Reed, Director of Black Swan Editions

Black Swan Editions is a small book press located in Santa Fe NM.  Black swan Editions is owned and operated by Hope Reed her husband Steven E. Counsell.  Hope handles the website and all correspondence for Black Swan Editions. Our friends Janet Eigner, Jane Lipman, Linda Whitenberg, and Steven E. Counsell have published their books under the Black Swan Editions imprimatur.

Hope Reed recently retired from the State of New Mexico Governor's Commission on Disability (Governor’s Commission) where she got to work with many wonderful people throughout New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment,” and throughout the nation.  As a member of the International Code Council, American National Standards Institute A117.1 Committee she participates in developing accessibility codes for people with disabilities.  With this expertise she part-time consults with the Governor’s Commission and the City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation.  Originally from Minnesota, she received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota, and has worked extensively in recreation, historic, and school site design in Minnesota, Alaska, Florida, and New Mexico.