On the Back Porch of the Moon by Jane Lipman

Jane Lipman poetry book On the Back Porch of the Moon

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On the Back Porch of the Moon is Jane Lipman's first full-length poetry collection. Her chapbooks, The Rapture of Tulips and White Crow's Secret Life, published by Pudding House Publications, were finalists for New Mexico Book Awards in Poetry in 2009 and 2010respectively. She was awarded first prize in poetry in the Santa Fe Reporter's Writing Contest, 2001.

Her poems have appeared widely in journals and anthologies.
During the '80s she founded and directed Taos Institute, which sponsored performances and workshops by Robert Bly, Joseph
Campbell, Gioia Timpanelli, and others. She has lived in northern New Mexico since 1970.

What Others Say About Jane Lipman, Poet & Author

"Beauty Maker, Jane Lipman delivers crafted, sensuous poems of her seen and felt world, her beloved, and the Beloved, poems of revelation; tender celebrations of landscape and birdscape. The poems speak urgent, velvet Truth to Power. Grace, gratitude, and then, the quicksilver of the poet's talented wordromp––for the pure joy of it! Ancient Bardic energies thrum here, and the
immediacy of the utterly, freshly seen! These poems manage a near-miracle: sound, clear language for Consciousness: a new and much needed Spiritual Literacy. I am enchanted by this book of passionate Heartsongs, wise, and well sung."
Judyth Hill, author of Speaking With Angels

"To find humor and lyricism joined in a volume of poetry is a rare surprise. The lush, sensual poems in Jane Lipman's first full-length book are at once playful and wildly imaginative. Infused with the beauty of this world, they remind us to "Pull a smile out of your hat/as a magician pulls out of his/the rabbit of grief."
Jean Nordhaus, author of Innocence and The Porcelain Apes of Moses Mendelsshon

"Jane Lipman's poems gather her wit, intelligence, and wisdom the way honey comes together out of the flower, the bee, and the hive. This eros of intellect and spirit delights my attention. Poems worth waiting for, and you didn't even know you were waiting, by a poet who has paid her poetic dues by a long allegiance to her art."
Joan Logghe, Santa Fe Poet Laureate for 2010-2012, co-author of Love &
Death: Greatest Hits, New Mexico Book Award winner

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Contact Jane at poetryjane@comcast.net