“THE GREEN MAN” painting in progress

THE GREEN MAN, painting Day 10

“THE GREEN MAN” Watch this amazing painting of “THE GREEN MAN” as the Artist, Steven E. Counsell shares his daily progress. “The Green Man” poetry excerpt by Steven E. Counsell I. The blush of old growth is seeded beyond the fields we know. Branch’s crack in a chlorophylled breath fall through a lattice of twigs.…

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Peacock on the Loose in Santa Fe NM

Peacock sits atop coyote fencing along Canyon Road in Santa Fe NM

Peacock on the LOOSE in Santa Fe NM. We were walking along Canyon Road (The Artist Road) this weekend and saw people just standing in the middle of the road.  Finally we got there and found they were all looking at this huge peacock on the loose.  He was hopping on the ground and then…

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Dream of soft, soothing patterns

Amphitrite-Emergent, painting of woman with colorful and soothing patterns on her back

This painting is by Steven E. Counsell with Black Swan Editions in Santa Fe, NM.  Amphitrite is the goddess of the sea and wife of Poseidon. I dream of floating on my back to fall asleep.  Click on image to see more.        

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NEW WORK – Daphne & Apollo, painting

Daphne & Apollo, painting by Steven E. Counsell

NEW WORK – Daphne & Apollo, painting The wide world was a garden then and fair Olympus only a mountain peak. Apollo was merely the mouse king’s squeak, a suitor as unworthy as any. And none that desired her beauty could robe Daphne in greater perfection than the womanly world. My artwork named ‘Daphne and…

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THE ALCHEMIST, painting by Steven E. Counsell is featured on the poster and on exhibit at the  Fantasy & Fiction National Fine Art Exhibition at the Old Courthouse Arts Center — 101 N Johnson St, Historic Woodstock Square, Woodstock, IL — Exhibition runs Sept 3 to 24, 2021 — Opening night: Saturday, Sept 4, 5:00-8:00…

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