Halloween Skeleton Tea Time ??

skeletons tea time

Halloween Skeleton Tea Time ?? We and other neighbors are enjoying this Halloween skeleton party on a little alley in Santa Fe NM.  Notice the playful pets skeletons.

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Remember when masks were FUN??

visionary theater masks displayed backstage

Let’s wear FUN masks again…..remember when … ??  “…Amid the amazements of play, I attend , in my mind, Carnival and Mardi Gras, live the Circus, concealed in powders and paint for pinking my ashen cheek. I learned to wear ceremonial masks…” Poetic excerpt from Art Book, ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination, by Steven E.…

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What Do You See?

ADAM, painting by Steven E. Counsell

The parody of two masks for the same face and both inescapable! The trick of being content with the skin we have is worthy of a Buddha. Youth wants to grow into its destiny, and old age wants to remember its. There is no way to fully recall what we were, or fully believe what…

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