Can angels fly?

Can Angels Fly?

RIPE, painting by Steven E. Counsell (from his visionary art book titled ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination, pages

Objects without gravity live in space, or the dream of space in the mind. Haven’t we all wanted to float free of limits.  Move through a medium like fish or finches?  In art I have tried not to let gravity interfere with my perception.  Simone Weil wrote a book called GRAVITY AND GRACE.  Gravity holds us down.  Grace is buoyant.     Angels can fly because, they take themselves lightly.

Are Storms in You?

Are Storms in You?

Ordinary Devine, painting detail
Ordinary Devine, painting detail from Visionary Art book        titled ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination, page 86, by Steven E. Counsell, Artist/Poet

The neurons firing in a brain resemble lightning firing in a storm. Storms think and minds rain in a preamble to growth. Living in New Mexico I take delight in being in one of the most spectacular places in the nation for thunderstorms; where more people per-capita are struck by lightning than anywhere else in the country. I find this encouraging somehow. In this detail from The Ordinary divine all hell is breaking loose, ionizing the air and making everything more acutely alive. Kant said in, AESTHETIC JUDGEMENTS;

“Storms and the like when assured of our safety, are our attempts to gain access to fear.”