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  • RIPE, painting of a Dutch room with luscious fruit swirling and occupying the room
    RIPE, painting detail

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Black Swan Editions is a small press located in Santa Fe, NM.  We are a group of friends in the Southwest who joined together to publish our works because we believe in real books - so you can enjoy reading the printed page. Our  imprimatur, Black Swan Logo shown at the top, has been developed by Steven E. Counsell for his magical realism art book ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination.  Our books present:

      • Mythological/Symbolic ideas
      • Visionary art
      • Word play and
      • Jungian studies.

musical score with notes swirls


Art and Poetry need to lead us to a higher plane of realization and help our minds to see further than the actual image or print before us.  Poetry should be like music.

The Poetry and Art within publications from Black Swan Editions invite close scrutiny and exploration. Black Swan Editions wishes you many hours of delight and discovery among the world’s presented inside our books.




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RIPE, painting detail of varied textures

We feature the visionary and surrealistic art works of Steven E. Counsell in books and art prints.

 “What Is Art?”

Art needs to amaze us and draw us into its wonder.  Art should welcome us to enter the scene; to walk around the landscape, meet the personalities through their eyes, their posture, and physical tension; or, simply lead us to dream in the mysterious landscapes of another world.

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Black Swan Editions Gallery

Black Swan Editions Gallery, Santa Fe NM (open by appointment only)


How did we get our name Black Swan Editions?

Steven E. Counsell’s work is complex and symbolic. A large scrawling signature would be a distraction, therefore, Steve has chosen to use a Japanese chop in the form of a swan. The head and body form the “S” of his first name, Steven, and the wing is a “C” for his last name, Counsell.

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