ILLUMINATIONS, The Geography of the Imagination, art book


This book is a jewel box of visual exploration with myth and wonder mirrored to poetic text.

What People Say:

“With Steven Counsell’s work doors are open into the living imagination and invite us to walk through with him into its autonomous creative expressive landscape.  And as we do the living question arises – what land have we entered?”  from the book’s INTRODUCTION by Monica Wikman, Ph.D. Tesuque, NM.  Jungian Analyst & Author of Pregnant Darkness:  Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness

“It is exquisite.  I love the poetry and images are wonderful…the material is so full of archetype, symbolism, so many references to the collective unconscious.  I enjoyed the poetry about aging, letting go.”  Sondra Geller, Jungian Analyst,  Chevy Chase MD

“If the world is too much with you and you want to escape the insanity of todays headlines, pick up a copy of Steve Counsell’s masterpiece, ILLUMINATIONS which is full of lush drawings and thought provoking prose.  I also like the playful acknowledgement the author penned to his wife, Hope:  Robert Graves once said, ‘You can’t marry your muse, which is of course nonsense because 30 years ago I married Hope.’ “  Peggy Van Hulsteyn, Author of “The Art of Murder”



2012  New Mexico & Arizona Book Awards (Double winner)

2013 Indie Excellence Book Awards

BOOK COVER Award Plaque

Best Cover Design

BEST Art Book Award Plaque

Best Art Book Award


National INDIE Excellence Book Award Seal








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You can arrive at the extra-ordinary and escape from the matter of fact.  You can go through the mirror with Alice.  And when you go beyond the looking glass, you are coming home.  The world is brighter, more mysterious, more freshly minted in new light.  Like any excursion that goes beyond the fields we know, you will confront beauty, power, and magic.

What waits for you?  What will you wait for?  Where does your deeper, perhaps forgotten nature reside?  How can you be found?  This book is a travel guide for the soul.  You can leave for wonderland by just turning the page:

  • Immense fun in the sheer joy of exploring the mastery of drawing skill on each page.
  • Many pages look like illuminated manuscripts
  • Captivating images rich with myth, symbols, and fantasy relative to Jungian studies
  • Connects poetry and imagery in a unique synthesis, a synesthesia that deepens both
  • Art work that is equal to the level found in Renaissance paintings and drawings
  • Poetry that is music with real depth of meaning, timely explorations of the deep self, beyond the strictly material

About the Author

Steven E. Counsell is a narrative visionary artist and poet.  He believes art must alter perceptions through myth, symbol, and archetype.  With a Renaissance, even Flemish technique, in each of Mr. Counsell’s art works, he thinks that a high level of technical skill is the very bedrock each observer deserves.  Steve enjoys living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Hope and believes:

“It is far more interesting to be technically traditional and put your daring in the ideas or depth of your feelings, or in the boundlessness of metaphor itself.  Art must be transformational or it is merely interior decoration.” Steven E. Counsell

(See Artist Statement Page to learn more about Steve and his ART.)


Categories:  Mythical imagery, Symbolic/Surrealist Imagery, Poetry (word play), and Jungian studies

ISBN:  987-0-9835023-0-2

  • Author:  Steven Edwin Counsell, Santa Fe NM
  • Publisher:  Black Swan Editions, LLC Santa Fe NM
  • Format:  9.25″ by 13″
  • Cover:  Hard Cover, with Fabric Covering and Embossed Logo/Title
  • Dust Jacket:  French-Fold Dust Jacket with Foil Stamping
  • Pages:  201 pages, Acid Free Paper, Signature Bound
  • Art Images:  57 Art Images with 75 details, Varnished Images
  • Poetry, by Steven E. Counsell accompanies each image



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