Tender Harvest, book


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Many poems in Tender Harvest are inspired by a childhood in Illinois corn country, but subjects range from Latin Dancing to Native American petrolyphs. What Others have Said:

“Linda Whittenberg’s Tender Harvest is the real thing:  an adult’s garden of verses rich in small-town story, down-home truth, soil-bred wisdom, land-of-little-rain beauty, and more—all interwoven with evocative detail, spiritual attentiveness, emotional intelligence, tough-minded clarity, and verbal music tuned to a well-tempered ear.”  Michael L. Johnson, author of From Hell to Jackson Hole, a Poetic History of the American West, Dept. of English, University of Kansas.

Photos by Teri Thomson Randall


ISBN:  978-0-9825156-0-0

Soft Cover, glue binding,

Size:  5″ by 8.5″, 116 pages

Tender Harvest, 2009, Black Swan Editions, Finalist for New Mexico Book Award: