Amphitrite-Emergent, art print


“Amphitrite’s flesh was knit by the blue-green sea.
Awake and a sleeping symbiote to the moon,
daughter within the deep.”

poetry excerpt by Steven E. Counsell

This painting is like a soft and beautiful dream. Dreams of floating help me fall asleep.

This painting is titled “AMPHITRITE-EMERGENT” by Steven E. Counsell with Black Swan Editions in Santa Fe NM.  Amphitrite is goddess of the ocean and wife of Poseidon.

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AMPHITRITE-EMERGENT original is a pastel, watercolor, gouache painting, 10″ wide by 14″ high.
Available as a Giclee Print which is 5-10% smaller than original painting.
Steven E. Counsell signs all his art prints.

Giclee Prints are archival prints and made on museum grade paper with pigmented inks.
Giclee prints take about 3 weeks to produce and ship.

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