WEAVE OF NIGHT & DAY, art print


“Day and night, I and Thou, the plexus
of two caught in braids of passion.
Baskets include us and separate us,
baskets hold space and release time.”

poetry excerpt by Steven E. Counsell

Are the psyche of this woman and man are blending,,, or are they pulling apart in this profound, surrealistic painting.  They are woven together with strips of skin that has been woven like ribbons or fabric.  Their profiles are strong and determined as portrayed in the slant of their heads.  Is this a tumultuous relationship which may be breaking apart – or a happy relationship that is healing? You be the judge.


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WEAVE OF NIGHT & DAY original is a pastel, watercolor, gouache painting, 30″ wide by 22″ high.
Available as a Giclee Print which is 5-10% smaller than original painting.
Steven E. Counsell signs all his art prints.

Giclee Prints are archival prints and made on museum grade paper with pigmented inks.
Giclee prints take about 3 weeks to produce and ship.

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