TREE OF LIFE, art print


“Myth bubbles and squeaks
up through the ground
like mud through a thermal vent
or steam through a geyser –

crawls and leaks through
the vascular system of leaves,
of force of natural poetry
chlorophylling the air.

Analogies grow within and on
the roots and stems of rivers.”

Excerpt of poem by Steven E. Counsell

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TREE OF LIFE original is a pastel, watercolor, gouache painting, 22″ wide by 30″ high.
Available as a Giclee Print which is 5-10% smaller than original painting.
Steven E. Counsell signs all his art prints.

Giclee Prints are archival prints and made on museum grade paper with pigmented inks.
Giclee prints take about 3 weeks to produce and ship.

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TREE OF LIFE is featured on pages 24-29 in our award winning art book titled
ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination, by Steven E. Counsell.


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